SpineSafe Kit

ParaQuad Tas. Inc. has a comprehensive SpineSafe Kit available for people with spinal cord injury, their families and also for students.

The Kit has Fact Sheets, Contact lists for Tasmanian services and a resource for the families and friends on how to be helpful and understanding of a person’s disability.

These Kits are available from the ParaQuad Tas. Inc. office or by phone or email request.

Contact: Georgia Hardy
Phone: 03 6272 8816
Email: [email protected]

Download the Fact Sheets in PDF format

Fact Sheet 1– What is a Spinal Cord Injury?
Fact Sheet 2 – How does a Spinal Cord Injury Affect Bodily Functions?
Fact Sheet 3– Effects of Spinal Cord Injury on Sexuality
Fact Sheet 4 – Other Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries
Fact Sheet 5 – Rehabilitation
Fact Sheet 6 – How Do I Resume an Active Life Following an SCI?
Fact Sheet 7 – Keys For Your Independence
Fact Sheet 8 – Understanding Your Shoulder
Fact Sheet 9 – Looking After Your Shoulders
Fact Sheet 10 – What is Autonomic Dysreflexia?
Fact Sheet 11 – Taking Care of Your Skin
Fact Sheet 12 – Finding Your Life Following an SCI
Fact Sheet 13 – Constipation and SCI
Fact Sheet 14 – Glossary