School Bookings

We are now taking bookings for the SpineSafe Awareness Education  Program to visit schools in 2017 in preparation for:

The summer sports season

This is an important time of year to remind our young people to be ‘spine safe’.

Our current presentation/workshop maps against the current Tasmanian Curriculum – Health and Wellbeing K-12 syllabus, Vocational and Applied Learning K-12 syllabus (OH&S) and is best suited for students in Years 5 through to Year 12. Other presentations can also be arranged to suit the particular needs of your students.

Mindful Action.

Equipping young people with the tools, information and knowledge to minimise risk while living life to the full. 

The media portray summer as a time of fun, of partying, of freedom. Sometimes the lines get blurred. Freedom becomes impulsiveness. Fitness becomes machismo. Partying becomes risk taking. Fun becomes recklessness.

Mindful Action is about becoming mindful. Taking a moment. Being present in our bodies. Being able to care about self and others. It is about being active, healthy, and living life to the full.


For enquiries regarding presentation bookings, please contact Carmel Clark on Ph: 6272 8816 or via email