New Website!

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slide-pqOur fantastic new website is almost ready to be launched

5 Comments on “New Website!”

  1. Jenny

    Hi Rex,

    Looking good! I mean the photo of the old salt who sent in his comments!

    Seriously, the site is looking great, modern, clean and when all info is in the Wheelie site I will be more than happy. I still have trouble with WGG site map etc. Maybe me!


  2. Barbara Marshall

    Attempted to leave mess on whealy site no captcha letters.
    Auldington hotel Launceston should be made on your list to tourists. I am a paraplegic and stayed in excellent disabled facilities room. Tell people Ph direct.
    I have left my number- but…looking for accomm. Tues 1 Mar 2016. 0395238421

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